Healthy Transformation – Metagenics


This 12-week transformation program will assist you to burn unwanted fat, lose weight and nourish your body. The focus of this plan is to program your body to efficiently burn fat, decrease inches and lose overall weight while maintain muscle. The basis of this transformation program is a modified Mediterranean Diet filled with nutritious vegetables, healthy oils and lean meats.

You will have plenty of fresh foods to eat and healthy snacks in between meals. You also will have your choice of either a delicious protein shake or bar once per day that can serve as your breakfast so that you are not slowed down in the morning trying to figure out what to eat and preparing it. This is perfect for the person who wants to lose up to 10 pounds per month while making a lifestyle transformation from fried and processed foods to heart healthy and nutritionally sound whole foods. THIS PLAN IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR DIABETICS.

Getting Started

We will take a complete medical and lifestyle history plus a stress assessment and detoxification exam. Once these are complete, we will give you an InBody Analysis to establish a baseline for your fat, muscle and water levels, record body measurements and a blood pressure reading. After determining your qualifications to either begin immediately or to first address underlying issues, we will be underway!

Underlying Issues

Sometimes when assessing a person’s habits, nutrition, lifestyle and medical history we come across issues that may be preventing a person from having the best outcome possible with our programs.
For example: If a person were extremely toxic, we would want to address the issue of liver function to rid the body of toxic waste. This is something that would be discussed in your initial consultation and evaluation.
Let’s now say that all of our issues are out of the way and we are ready to begin the program.
What’s next?

Everything You Need to Succeed

• PROTEIN: Choose from a delicious Protein Shake or Protein Bar each day
• ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS: Probiotic for gut health, Fiber to feel full and keep things moving, multi-vitamin to help boost support to your entire body, Vitamin D for strong bones, teeth and overall good health, Omega for brain health.
• COMPLETE DIET PLAN: No need to guess. Everything is laid out. What you should and should not eat and drink.
• ONLINE SUPPORT: Sign up for daily emails for tips and motivation.
• SIMPLE & FUN FITNESS: Unlimited whole body vibration sessions along with unlimited sauna use (30 minute sessions) for the duration of your program.
• REDUCE INCHES & REDUCE STRESS: 1 weekly Fit Body Wrap Session for the duration of your program to help reduce inches through fat lipolysis and elimination while relaxing for a stress free hour of healthy infrared body treatments. ($3 coat fee not included)
• KEEP YOU ON TRACK: Weekly follow-up appointments that include nutritional counseling, journal review, recording of body measurements, weight and InBody fat, muscle and water readings.
• ENERGY: 2 weekly B-Maxx Energy & Fat-Burning Injections.

How Much Does All of This Cost?

I’m glad you asked! We accept most major insurance plans to cover the cost of the initial evaluation, testing and follow up nutritional counseling visits. If your BMI is over 30 and you have a diagnosed pre-existing condition, we can enroll you in the IBT program using your insurance to offset some of your costs. If you are not using insurance, that’s ok too. We give you a New Client Discount right off of the top! We work with you so that everyone can afford the best quality care! Talk to your counselor and decide what exactly you need to get you healthy, looking and feeling great and then speak to our financial counselor for complete pricing and details. We will not let money get in the way of helping you succeed.

How much is your health worth to you?