Fat Laser (Lypolosis)

Fat Laser (Lypolosis)


1 Session

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$79 mo.

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Lose Fat and Inches with the N-Lal Fat Laser (Lipo Laser)

Our NEW N-LAL (Near-Laser Assisted Lipolysis) FAT LAZER (Lipo Laser) is designed to shrink fat cells, helping you to lose weight and inches. No need to spend extra time exercising after a treatment because our device is used while performing low level exercise in our office. Even better, we save you more time because the N-LAL is the only laser assisted lipolysis machine that can treat multiple areas at one time.

  • Near laser light wave energy opens channels in fat cells.
  • Channels release free fatty acids and glycerol.
  • The body converts the fatty acids to energy.
  • Our fat laser is designed to be used while exercising to use up the released fat content.
  • Fat cells shrink up to 50%.
  • N-LAL will release 300-500 calories of fat per treatment.
  • The body uses the released calories as if you have eaten lunch, which helps to prevent post treatment hunger.
  • Clients must follow reduced calorie program.
  • Additional 500-1,000 may be released over the following 24 hours.
  • Safer and less expensive than liposuction or surgery.
  • Moderate skin tightening benefits.
  • N-LAL unit has a higher spectral power distribution in comparison to other similar lipolysis units.

While on a weight loss program with Hey Gorgeous! in San Antonio, our staff will help you stay focused and celebrate success while staying positive during any temporary setbacks. When on a weight loss program with us, we will encourage weekly visits. This will provide accountability and continual support to assist you in losing weight while helping you maintain your weight loss and overall wellness.