hCG Medical Weight Loss


This plan is designed for the individual who wants to lose weight quickly but wants to do so safely. A person can lose about a pound per day while feeling confident that they are not compromising their health. Being overweight is so unhealthy that losing just 10% of your body weight can reap substantial health benefits. Even though you are not consuming large amounts of calories on this program, you will not feel hungry while using the HCG. In addition to daily HCG injections you will be required to take essential supplements and weekly injections of our popular B-Maxx energy and fat burning formula. This program also explores and identifies underlying causes that may be hindering your current health and well-being. Like all of our programs, it is imperative that you follow our instructions and protocols as closely as possible to ensure the greatest success by not only losing weight but feeling gorgeous.

Getting Started

We will take a complete medical and lifestyle history plus a stress assessment and detoxification exam. Once these are complete, we will give you an InBody Analysis to establish a baseline for your fat, muscle and water levels, record body measurements and a blood pressure reading. After determining your qualifications to either begin immediately or to first address underlying issues, we will be underway!

Different Approach

The HCG program is different from any other diet you have tried. This diet allows you to lose up to a pound per day while still preserving muscle. Who doesn’t want fast weight loss? But fast, safe and healthy! Jackpot! We monitor your progress each week so we can make adjustments as needed as well as help to keep you motivated to press on. The HCG is a very low calorie diet but you will not be tired or lethargic. You will gain your energy from the fat that is being broken down and used to fuel your body. After the initial burn off of carbohydrates and adjustment to less sugar you will have renewed strength. Unlike most diets that require you to exercise like crazy, the HCG program restricts you from vigorous exercise. It is recommended to take only a leisurely walk. There are many benefits to this different approach to losing weight. No extreme hunger, fatigue, moodiness that comes with other diets. Those who follow the program strictly have been able to lose 1/2 to 1 pound per day! Losing the weight will lead to many improvements in your health such as a decreased risk for illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. I know this all sounds great so let’s press on… What’s next?

Everything You Need to Succeed

• NUTRITIOUS FOOD: The food list consists of protein, vegetables and fruit!
• ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS: PhytoMulti multivitamin to boost your vitamin and minerals intake plus additional supplements to improve your gut health.
• COMPLETE DIET PLAN: No need to guess. We give you a simple list of what foods to eat and when.
• QUALITY HCG: Our HCG is locally compounded here in San Antonio to ensure the quality and freshness.
• KEEP YOU ON TRACK: Weekly support and follow-up appointments that include nutritional counseling, journal review, recording of body measurements, weight and InBody fat, muscle and water report.
• ENERGY: 1 weekly B-Maxx Energy & fat Burning injection.

How Much Does All of This Cost?

I’m glad you asked! We accept most major insurance plans to cover the cost of the initial evaluation, testing and follow up nutritional counseling visits. If your BMI is over 30 and you have a diagnosed pre-existing condition, we can enroll you in the IBT program using your insurance to offset some of your costs. If you are not using insurance, that’s ok too. We give you a New Client Discount right off of the top! We work with you so that everyone can afford the best quality care! Talk to your counselor and decide what exactly you need to get you healthy, looking and feeling great and then speak to our financial counselor for complete pricing and details. We will not let money get in the way of helping you succeed.

How much is your health worth to you?